Brapa Consultancy is a Dutch micro SME, established by Dr. Paul Brasser on 1 September 2011. Brapa Consultancy is specialised in providing consultancy on optimising production processes and to help develop new products. Using science as a tool to balance and optimise different requirements, will lead to better, and tailored equipment. Not only traditional consultancy can be provided, but modelling can also be used as a tool to come to a well based advise. This is particularly helpful when different requirements seemingly are contradicting each other. Brapa Consultancy is an expert on scientific programming and modelling and simulation.

Brapa consultancy has provided consultancy on topics in the area of CBRN Security and Safety with the main focus on Modelling and Simulation. For example: Modelling of the Optimization between protective performance and comfort of PPE; Prediction of the false alarm rate of detectors by description of their Receiver Operator Characteristics curves (ROC curves); Urban dispersion modelling; indoor airflow and HVAC modelling.

Customers of Brapa Consultancy have been the European Defence Agency (EDA), the Dutch research institution TNO, the research evaluation institute of the EU: REA and The Dutch government.

Examples of projects of Brapa Consultancy are: modelling of the protective performance and the thermo physiology of CBRN clothing and the other project focusses on dispersion of CBRN agents inside critical infrastructure buildings with HVAC.

The owner of Brapa Consultancy, Dr. Paul Brasser, has a lot of experience in EU projects (FP6 and FP7) and EDA projects. Furthermore, he also was a project evaluator and mid-term reviewer of FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects for the EU (REA).

Dr. Brasser has written many peer reviewed articles and book chapters in the area of CBRN protection and has written numerous technical reports on the subject. He has been panel member of NATO panels such as the CSG (Challenge Sub Group) and AMeDP-8 (Toxicology modeling) and he has performed calculations for the PPSG NATO panel (Personal Protection Sub Group).

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